OKLINE antibacterial cartridges

Filter Valve Straight jet

Jet flow single use filter cartridge

  • Antibacterial cartridges (with seal) for single use
    with sterilizing grade of 0.2 µm absolute
  • Maximum duration of use: 62 days
  • Hydrophilic polyethylene
  • Filtration surface of 1400 cm².
  • Filtration flow rate: 15 L/min at 3 bar (filter only, no flow restriction in the fitting)
  • Maximum pressure of use upstream: 5 bar
  • Resistance to chemical and thermal treatments of water networks.
  • Non-sterile antibacterial filters
  • Packaged in boxes of 10 pieces, with non-sterile unit packaging


  • Guarantees freedom from micro-organisms
  • Quick installation without tools, without turning off the water
  • Use: 62 days after installation


  • By unit, Ref : 1111166

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